Unmounting Your TV And Removing The Bracket

Unmounting TV From The Wall

Unmounting A TV From The Wall

How Much Does It Cost To Unmount A TV?

We charge $75 for TV unmounting and have a 2 TV minimum. Uninstalling a TV takes a professional no time unless the TV is large, close to the wall, or on a mount that requires 2 installers to remove. You can use our quote generator to get a quote for re-installing the TVs at your new home.

Can I Unmount My TV Myself?

It’s getting close to moving day and you just realized that you need to unmount your TVs. Your moving company just gave you the sad news that they will relocate your TVs but do not offer unmounting. Installing the mounting bracket on the wall and mounting the TV requires tools but removing seems pretty easy, right? You may have even tried to look behind the TV a few times to figure it out but fear of damaging your TV prompts you to make a better decision. Good for you. You don’t want to mess around and end up with a cracked screen or, even worse, a hole in the wall.

How To Unmount A TV From The Wall

Some TV mounts have pull strings that have to be pulled down while pulling the bottom of the TV away from the wall and lifting up…all at the same time. Others require screws to be adjusted to remove the bracket. Some brackets are as simple as pulling the bottom of the TV away from the wall then lifting up. If you try to umount your own TV, be careful and don’t hesitate to call us if you feel uncomfortable.

Should I Leave The Bracket On The Wall?

TV Mounting Bracket Left On Fireplace

TV Mounting Bracket Left On Fireplace

Some real estate companies suggest leaving the TV mounting bracket on the wall but that means you will have to purchase another mount to install your TV at the new location. A lot of our customers are faced with trying to match your old bracket on the wall with the old hardware on their tv…and most of the times you both end up getting new TV mounts. The only reason we suggest leaving the TV bracket on the wall when you move is to minimize damage to your home and reduce move-out expenses.

We know the ins and outs of detaching TVs from walls and will have them dismantled before you can say “Where’s the remote?” Our installers carefully unplug all the cables, keep track of all the screws and brackets, and even organize your components and wiring for each TV. We remove the brackets from each TV for easy transporting and to avoid damage to your other screens or valuables.

Removing TV Brackets

Removing TV Brackets