Outdoor TV Mounting

Outdoor TV mounting is very popular in Charlotte during the spring and fall seasons. We have several months of enjoyable outdoor weather during the year which allow for plenty of outdoor activities and sports watching. What could make a better Sunday than watching your favorite football team with family or friends while enjoying the beverage of your choice and sitting outside enjoying the weather? We make this dream possible.


Types of Outdoor TVs We Mount

Outdoor TV Mounting

Outdoor TV Mount Installation On Siding

Over the years we have seen outdoor TVs change from very expensive to very affordable. We have also installed retrofit kits and cases that weatherproof regular indoor TVs. Manufacturers like Roku have changed the game with a new affordable line of outdoor TVs that will fly off the shelves this spring. They usually come enclosed in a heavy casing as opposed to lightweight retro kits. Many of our customers settle for a standard TV with a weatherproof TV cover.  Whether you invest thousands in an expensive outdoor TV or prefer as simple outdoor TV jacket, our service will amaze you. Our installers provide years of experience and personal advice on your project.

Outdoor TV Mounting On Brick

Outdoor TV Mount Installation On Brick

We have extensive experience in installing outdoor TVs and know exactly what it takes to complete that perfect outdoor experience for you. Many of our commercial customers have even used our TV mounting service to create outdoor TV walls and high-energy sports environments for their customers. Bars and many venues in the uptown Charlotte area recognize the importance of hanging outdoor TVs and providing entertainment for their customers. Don’t worry about the surface of the building or wall that the TV will be installed on. All you have to do is purchase the TV, get a quote, and schedule an appointment. We will take care of the rest. Stone fireplaces, brick and concrete walls, vinyl siding, and wooden siding, are just a few of the surfaces we can tackle. We have various ways to conceal wiring for outdoor TVs depending on the surface the TV is mounted on.


How Can I Protect My TV Outside?

Outdoor TV Canvas Cover

Amazon Outdoor Canvas TV Cover

Before you commit to our outdoor TV mounting service, make sure your TV is weatherproof. If you want to mount a regular indoor TV outdoors, we strongly suggest using an outdoor TV cover to reduce moisture. You can purchase a TV cover or TV jacket like the one below for any size TV from 32 to 65 inches on Amazon.