Mounting the TV above the fireplace has become one of the most popular trends in TV mounting because it serves 2 purposes. It looks great and places emphasis on the fireplace as the focal point of the room and also helps save space in your home.

Two Reasons To Consider Mounting Your TV Over The Fireplace

  1. Mounting your TV over the fireplace allows you to situate your furniture as needed and open up any family room or living room.
  2. It also helps you save space and regain the fireplace as the focus point in your room.


Is It Safe To Mount My TV Over The Fireplace?

Yes. Fireplace TV mounting is safe. Most fireplaces come with a mantle which helps protect the TV from direct heat that may otherwise damage it. Most people don’t understand that there is usually a pipe inside the fireplace that contains the heat and smoke and this prevents the wall behind the TV from becoming too hot. Some brick fireplaces do not have this pipe but use the brick chimney wall itself as a shield. Our TV mounting service has mounted TVs above fireplaces for over 18 years with no issues.


Framing For Fireplace Nook and Niche TV Mounting

custom wood framing and bracket for tv mounting above fireplace

custom wood framing and bracket for TV mounting above fireplace


custom wood framing for tv mounting above fireplace

custom wood framing for TV mounting above fireplace


We have seen fireplace TV mounting projects with niches and cubbyholes approached in several ways. Most of our customers that have had their TVs installed by another installer have been overcharged for framing and adding unnecessary studs to their fireplace niche. We have seen large unsightly wooden studs sticking out from behind the TV and expensive unnecessary wooden frames that costs hundreds of dollars.

Our approach to mounting TVs over the fireplace nook and niche is the same as all of our TV installations. If it’s hard or expensive, there has to be a better way. We keep it simple and affordable by finding the right hardware.


Custom Fireplace Nook and Niche TV Mount


After studying hundreds of fireplaces with niches and cubbyholes in the Charlotte NC area, we discovered that all you need is the correct wall mount and to locate the best TV mount installer near you. 

Most standard niches are about 24 inches deep maximum. Amazon sells an extended arm mount for 37-75″ TVs that extends up to 30 inches and supports up to 99 lbs.

TV Mounted In Niche Over Fireplace

TV Mounted In Niche Over Fireplace


All devices and components connected to the TV will stay inside the nook or niche but we ensure your remotes are still able to access your game system, sound bar and other devices. Mounting the TV at a height right above the components inside the niche guarantees that you won’t see all of the unsightly wires and cords behind and underneath the TV.


Hire a Professional

TV Mounting Expert Hanging From TV Mount

TV Mounting Expert Hanging From TV Mount


To give you an idea of the weight distribution hold a 5 pound weight in your hand close to your body. Now hold the same weight with your arm extended. The TV mount’s mounting arm stays extended the whole time so putting the proper lag bolts in the center of the stud is mandatory to avoid the TV mount eventually pulling out from the studs and falling later. We suggest hiring a professional TV installer to ensure your TV is properly installed using the studs your builder has supplied. Visit our picture gallery to see more photos.

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