TV Mounting

Professional TV Installer Hanging From TV Mount

Professional TV Installer Hanging From TV Mount

TV Mounting In Charlotte, NC

TV mounting has become extremely popular in the Charlotte NC metro area among other ideas and solutions for smaller living spaces. Why? Mounting your tv on the wall eliminates bulky floor furniture and tv stands.
Tv mounting is not only a trendy space saver but is a great way to spruce up the decor in any home or business.
If you have kids and/or pets, tv wall mounting is detrimental to the safety in your home. Mounting a tv on the wall makes your tv kid-proof, pet-proof and can also extend the life of your flat screen tv.
After almost 2 decades of mounting TVs in Charlotte, I’ve seen the tv wall mounting game change a lot. I’ve learned to hang TVs on many different wall types and surfaces and had to deal with different wire concealing issues.
Some homeowners with the proper tools may buy a tv mount online, read the instructions, play with the tv mounting template, and take on the seemingly daunting task of wall mounting their own tv. Most people don’t own the proper tools or skills to properly wall mount a tv without damaging the tv, the wall, or fearing it may fall in the middle of the night, damaging both, as well as the floor.
TV Mount Charlotte has provided commercial and residential TV mounting service in Charlotte and the surrounding area since 2004. We offer free tv wall mounts, inexpensive tv mounting, led tv lights, and wire concealing services to make your tv viewing experience amazing.


7 Reasons Why TV Mounting Is Trending


1. TV  Mounting saves lives. Falling TVs send a child to the ER every 30 minutes! The number of kids injured by a TV falling on them grew 125 percent between 1990 and 2011. TVs can injure or even kill kids and pets when placed on dressers and stands. Kids are naturally intrigued by colors and sounds. They will climb up on furniture to get closer and touch the TV when unattended. A few rocks back and forth and your TV, along with your child may be headed straight to the floor.

2. Wall mounting your TV lengthens its life. How? Wall mounted TVs require you to use the remote. No more pressing the buttons on the TV causing possible damage or, worse still, tipping it over from rocking back and forth.

3. More space in your home. Especially if you’re concealing components in a closet or cabinet.

4. Reduced Glare and Better Viewing Angles. Many TV mounts allow for tilting and swiveling the TV to reduce glare from windows and lights, and provide better viewing angles.

5. Wall mounted television sets are more theft proof. Table-top installed TVs are easy targets during home invasions because they are high-priced, easy to sell, and easy to carry. Theft of wall mounted TVs is very difficult and very time-consuming because of lag bolts and mounting brackets attaching the TV to the wall.

6. Aesthetic Appeal: TV mounting can greatly enhance the aesthetics of a room. With wires concealed and the TV flush against the wall, it gives a cleaner and more organized look.

7. Custom Home Theater Experience. Wall-mounted TVs can be part of a home theater setup, with surround sound and optimal screen placement, offering an immersive viewing experience.


TV Mounting Trends

In the United States, as homes continue to feature open-plan designs, TV mounting is expected to continue to rise in popularity. As technology evolves, TVs are becoming thinner and lighter, which makes wall mounting more feasible and attractive. The demand for professional TV mounting services has seen a significant increase. This is partly due to the difficulty of mounting larger TVs and owners wanting to ensure the job is done correctly and securely.

The trend toward creating home theaters, especially post-pandemic, as people continue to spend more time at home, is likely to continue. TV mounting is an essential part of this trend. Globally, there is an increasing trend toward smart homes, and on-wall TV installation integrates well with this concept. Wall-mounted TVs often form the centerpiece of smart living rooms.

In developing countries, as incomes rise, more people are investing in quality home entertainment systems, which includes TV mounting. Wall mounts are also evolving, with features like remote controls and full-motion capabilities, which allow for an even more customized viewing experience.


What Sizes And Types Of TVs And Monitors Do We Mount?

In our experience, 32-inch to 85-inch flat screen TVs and monitors are best for wall mounting. Anytime a customer is considering purchasing a TV larger than 85 inches, we strongly suggest purchasing a high-definition projector. This not only cuts space needed for installation, but with our home theater installation prices you can cut costs as well! We install high-definition projector and screen systems capable of producing stunning high-definition 1080p and 4k ultra high-definition home theater pictures from 70 inches up to a stunning 300 inches!


TV Wall Mounting – Simple, Mistake-Free And Affordable

We offer a FREE tilting TV wall mount and a 15-foot HDMI cable with every every TV installation.

Our professional TV mounting service starts at only $99 with the wall mount included.

All of our TV wall mounts are constructed with 100% unbreakable heavy-duty steel. We have been professionally wall mounting televisions in Charlotte and the surrounding area for years and have seen many types of wall mounts customers and other TV mounting services use to install their expensive TVs.

We do not use or recommend using any TV mounts with plastic parts because plastic can bend and warp. This may cause the TV installation to look crooked, un-level and unprofessionally installed. We strongly suggest using our TV wall mounts during installations when we encounter inferior and cheaply made TV wall mounts.

Whether you are moving within Charlotte or are completely new to the area, we will be glad to assist you with your TV mounting and home theater wiring services. We can schedule an appointment to un-mount your TVs at your old place and immediately re-install the TVs at your new address. We will be happy to use your wall mounting bracket and cables or ours if you need new ones.

Appointments can be arranged to match your schedule and our average TV mounting service usually takes less than an hour. We don’t require help lifting most TVs so you can feel free to do whatever you need to do while we install your flat screen TV for you.

We even offer discounts for multiple TV installations. Get a free quote on all of our TV mounting services here.

Own a small business or office and need professional TV mounting and flat screen installation services?

Check out our commercial TV installation packages!

Common TV Mounting Locations

  • Standard fireplace
  • Custom fireplace with niche, cutout, TV box above mantle
  • Basic wall
  • Corner
  • Outdoor
  • Ceiling
  • Bathroom
  • TV mount with IR remote and components concealed in closet/cabinet
  • Commercial (To learn more, visit our Commercial TV Installation page)

Types Of TV Wall Mounts We Install

  • Ultra slim mount
  • Flat mount
  • Tilt mount
  • Full motion / Articulating / Swing-arm / Pull-out mount
  • Ceiling mount

Surfaces We Can Mount Your TV To

  • Drywall with wooden studs
  • Drywall with no studs
  • Drywall with metal studs
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Wood

Our TV Mounting Gallery has numerous examples of each installation.