TV Mounting Tips

How To Mount Your TV In 30 Minutes – 14 Easy Steps


TV Mounting Height Suggestion

TV Mounting Height Chart

I walk into many homes or businesses and notice that the prior TV installations seem to be too high or too low. The reason is that many people can figure out how to install the brackets onto the TV and mount the bracket on the wall but do not know how to mount the TV at the perfect height they want.

All you need to complete the steps below is a screwdriver, tape measure, pen/pencil, TV, TV wall mount, stud finder, hammer, nail, and level.

Best TV Mounting Tools

Tools Needed To Mount A TV

TV Mounting Tools tv-mounting-tips-and-tools

1. Install 2 TV Mounting Brackets

Install the 2 mounting brackets on to the back of the TV.
Make sure they are the exact same height.

TV Mounting Tips Install The Two Mounting Brackets Onto TV At Same Exact Height

2. Place TV Mounting Plate On Back Of TV

Place the wall mounting plate onto the mounting brackets as if it would be mounted on the wall.

TV Mounting Tips Install Mounting Plate On Rear Of TV

3. Find The Middle

Use your tape measure to find the middle of the wall or space where the TV is going.
This will also be the middle of the TV.

TV Mounting Tips Measuring The Wall To Find The Middle

4. Mark The Middle

Mark the wall with a small “M”.

TV Mounting Tips - Middle Of TV Mark

5. Measure TV Height

Measure the TV from TOP TO BOTTOM.
Leave the tape measure extended to this length.

TV Mounting Tips Measure TV From Top To Bottom

6. Find Perfect TV Height On Wall

Have someone sit in your favorite watching spot.
While holding the tape measure over the middle mark “M” slide it up and down until they find the perfect height.

TV Mounting Tips Find TV Height

7. Mark The TV Top

Make a very small “T” on the wall to mark the TOP of the TV.

TV Mounting Tips - Top Of TV Mark

8. Mark The TV Bottom

Make a very small “B” on the wall to mark the BOTTOM of the TV.

TV Mounting Tips - Bottom Of TV Mark

9. Measure Top And Bottom Mounting Plate Hole Height

Measure from TOP of TV to TOP AND BOTTOM mounting plate holes.

TV Mounting Tips Measure From Top Of TV To Both Mounting Holes

10. Marking Top And Bottom Mounting Plate Holes On Wall

Mark TOP mounting plate holes with “1” on the wall.
Mark BOTTOM mounting plate holes with “2” on the wall.

TV Mounting Tips - Top And bottom Mounting Plate Hole Marks

11. Verify All 5 Marks

You should have these 5 marks on the wall.
M = Middle of TV
T = Top of TV
B = Bottom of TV
1 = Mounting Plate Top Hole
2 = Mounting Plate Bottom Hole

TV Mounting Tips - All 5 TV Mounting Marks On The Wall

12. Find Studs In The Wall

Run your stud finder horizontally across the “1” and “2” marks to find the vertical studs inside the wall.
They should be 16, 18, or 24 inches apart.
Use the hammer and nail to verify wood to avoid water pipes and other items your stud finder may detect.

TV Mounting Tips Use Stud Finder

13. Install Mounting Plate On The Wall

Use the drill and lag bolts to install the mounting plate on the wall.
Keep the middle of the mount as close to the middle mark “M” as possible.
Use a professional-grade level if a cheap one came with the mount to ensure the TV is level.

TV Mounting Tips Use Professional Grade Levels

14. Conceal Wires and Mount TV

Install any wire concealing (i.e. powerbridge, AC outlet, plastic tracking above the bottom mark “B” to avoid seeing it below the TV after its is mounted.
Carefully lift TV onto bracket and slide the TV to the middle.
Connect wires and enjoy!

TV Mounting Tips After Hanging The TV

Basic TV Mounting Tips For The Do-It-Yourselfer

Two People Installing TV Mount

Two People Installing TV Mount

Our TV mounting tips will help you avoid buying the wrong equipment, mounting your TV too high, and of course, possible TV falls. If you are handy enough to attempt your own TV mounting project without help from a professional installer, take care to ensure the TV mount is properly fastened to the wall before hanging the TV onto the bracket. Mounting a TV with a tilt mount to basic drywall with wooden studs can be done by the average do-it-yourself enthusiast with a drill, tape measure, and level.

If you plan to mount your TV above a brick or stone fireplace, consulting one of our professional TV installers is probably one of the smartest phone calls you can make. Stone and brick fireplace TV mount installations are trickier than standard fireplaces with wooden studs. Our TV installers use special anchors and bolts to ensure weight compliance. We have seen and repaired many wall mount installations on brick and stone fireplaces from less experience wall mount installers that pull away from the wall after a while. The problem may not occur overnight but if not properly installed, the wall mount can gradually pull away from the wall, causing the TV to lean and eventually crash to the floor.

Another very important TV mounting tip is…NEVER rely on that little built-in level that is made into the TV wall mount. These levels are more for appearance and to increase sales for the vendor than to give you accuracy for your TV installation. Use at least one professional-grade level to avoid your TV being crooked after the installation.

Proper Height To Reduce Eye Strain For Optimal TV Viewing

We have our professional opinion of the proper height for your TV, but will mount the TV at whatever height you request. The main thing to consider is your health. The most important TV mounting tip we can give you is DO NOT MOUNT YOUR TV TOO HIGH!

TVs mounted too high will cause you to lift your eye muscles to view the top of the screen for scores and other information streams that may roll across your screen. This can cause sore necks, migraine headaches and a lack of desire to watch TV. We strongly suggest keeping the TV as low as possible—especially when mounting your TV over or above the fireplace.

Viewing distance and furniture height can also be factors to consider when determining proper TV height. Tilting TV mounts ease the pain of mounting the TV higher than normal by giving you the ability to tilt the TV picture down at an angle. Tilt mounts can also reduce unsightly glare from windows and doors.

We found this article on CNET and TV distance chart about TV height very informative.

Recommended TV Distance Required To Achieve Field Of View Chart

Field Of View Chart

You should also consider the placement of your home theater speakers. From furniture placement to the number of speakers, there are endless factors that can cause your system to perform poorly. Let us help you optimize the placement of your speakers and make your home theater system sound like you are sitting in the front row at the movies!

If you don’t have a home theater system installed yet, check out our affordable options to add a little extra sound to your next movie night or home party!

If you read and follow our TV mounting tips, you will be able to enjoy you own TV installations in no time. Call us to schedule an appointment for our local TV mounting service if you need us!