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TV Mounting Quote Chart


How Much Does It Cost To Mount A TV?

Our TV mounting quote and scheduling system is different from most TV installers. Unlike most TV mounting services in the Charlotte area, we include the TV wall mount and in-wall wiring in our TV mounting quote and installation, saving you time and money on your TV mounting process. We have streamlined the TV mounting process and have most TV installations done in less than an hour, including concealing the wires in the wall!

TV Mount Charlotte is the most versatile and experienced TV mounting service in the Charlotte NC area. From years of TV mounting experience, we have learned exactly what our customers want. Fast service, affordable pricing, and great results. Our team even shows up ready for any last minute changes or additions. We carry all sizes and styles of TV wall mounts including full-motion, tilt, and ultra-slim. No matter what size TV you have, you will find our TV mounting prices very affordable when compared to other TV installers in our area.


Since we have offered professional tv mounting services in Charlotte since 2004, we know exactly how much it should cost to have a tv mounted on the wall.
We surveyed our customers and they told us what they thought was a cheap price, an average price, and an expensive price for tv mounting and wire concealing.
With this information, we designed a tv mounting quote generator that is lightning fast and gives you options for different types of tv wall mounts, types of walls, and hiding the wires.
First, you tell us how you found out about us and enter your zip code to make sure we service your area. Next, you choose your tv size and whether you want to use our free tv mount or your current wall mount. Then you enter the type of wall mount you need, what type of wall the tv is being mounted on, and a few options for hiding the wires. Our tv mounting quote generator gives you a price and the option to start over for multiple TVs or call to schedule.
We do not charge extra for same day appointments or try to sell you cheap tv mounts and accessories. The quote generator gives you a price that includes the electrical outlet behind the tv and free HDMI cables with your tv installation.
We have easy payment methods and accept Cash App, debit cards and credit cards. You can even pay online with our no-contact payment link when your appointment is complete. We keep you and your card information secure.


TV Mount Charlotte Satisfied Customer

TV Mount Charlotte Satisfied Customer

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