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TV Mounting Mount Holly

Looking for TV Mounting in Mount Holly NC? Look no more!
TV Mount Charlotte is Charlotte’s most trusted TV mounting service and we offer TV wall mounting near you.
We provide a free wall mount and even hide those ugly wires from your tv.
All you need is the tv and we will provide the rest!
We provide a tilting wall mount for every customer so you don’t have to pay the high prices for a store-bought TV mount.
Using a local service that offers high quality TV mounting near me means we are a call away and your TV installer is located right here in the Charlotte area so you don’t have to worry about lack of customer service.
We have been mounting TVs in Mount Holly since 2004 and have 5-star reviews on GoogleFacebook and Yelp.
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Facts About Mount Holly NC

Mount Holly is located 12 miles northeast of Gastonia and 13 miles northwest of Charlotte.
In 1875, the name of a town called Woodland was changed to Mount Holly, after the Mount Holly Cotton Mill that was started that year.
The name “Mount Holly” came from a spinning mill in Mount Holly, New Jersey.
Electricity became available to homes and businesses around the turn of the twentieth century.
The Woodlawn Mill, located on Woodlawn Avenue, was built in 1906 and was the first mill in Gaston County to be served with electricity.
The Downtown Mount Holly Historic District and Mount Holly Cotton Mill are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Mount Holly City Map
Downtown Mount Holly Historic District