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TV Mounting In Belmont

Looking for TV Mounting in Belmont NC? Look no more!
TV Mount Charlotte is Charlotte’s most trusted TV mounting service and we offer TV wall mounting near you.
We will provide a free wall mount and even hide those ugly wires from your tv.
All you need is the tv and we will provide the rest!
We provide a tilting wall mount for every customer so you don’t have to pay the high prices for a store-bought TV mount.
Using a local service that offers high quality TV mounting near me means we are a call away and your TV installer is located right here in the Charlotte area so you don’t have to worry about lack of customer service.
We have been mounting TVs in Belmont since 2004 and have 5-star reviews on GoogleFacebook and Yelp.
Get a free quote here!

Facts About Belmont

In 1833, a small community known as “Garibaldi Station” changed its name to Belmont.
Belmont means “Beautiful Mountain” and it was named so because of its proximity to Crowders Mountain.
Being close to Charlotte plus it’s access to waterways and discount real estate has brought many new investors and residents to the Belmont area.
Crowders Mountain State Park is located in Gaston County 32 miles west of Charlotte. It has two mountain peaks that offer breath-taking views of the surrounding Piedmont. Trails offer challenging hikes and towering cliffs — and the Ridgeline Trail, which connects to Kings Mountain State Park and Kings Mountain National Military Park in South Carolina.
Belmont City Map