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TV Mounting Near Me


Your Local TV Mounting Expert

What is the advantage of using a local service that offers TV mounting near me? You get the chance to speak to your professional TV mounting professional on the phone before we come to your home. Why email or submit requests for a dependable TV mounting service, then wait for a response, and then wait again for a TV installer and hopes that he brings the right equipment if and when he shows up? A non-local TV mounting service may choose their cheapest contractor or handyman to come to your home to install your new expensive TV. Many of our new customers are scheduling appointments with us after being stood up or disappointed by another TV mounting service. What if you need support after the initial visit or encounter an issue with the TV installation? Bigger is not always better.


Perfecting The TV Mounting Process

We have perfected the TV wall mounting service. We have gone through the pain-staking process of procuring the absolute best materials including TV wall mounts, HDMI cables, and other home theater accessories to save you time and money. We have heard many nightmares of customers paying $100-$200 for TV wall mounts and $40-$100 for HDMI cables plus over $100 in labor costs for a TV installer. Due to the evolution of online price comparison and price matching, local TV salesmen can no longer gouge the pockets of innocent TV buyers by marking up flat screen TVs like the old days. Therefore, they have resorted to marking up every accessory possible – TV screen cleaner, HDMI cables, component shelves, warranties, wall mounts, sound bars, etc.


Five-Star TV Mounting Service Near You

We provide a tilting wall mount for every customer so you don’t have to pay the high prices for a store-bought TV mount. Using a local service that offers high quality TV mounting near me means we are a call away and your TV installer is located right here in the Charlotte area so you don’t have to worry about lack of customer service. No need to put in bids online for an installer, send emails, wait all day, then hope that the stranger shows up with the right equipment. Our TV installation service is top-notch, seamless, and our professional installers always get it right the very first time. Check out our reviews.

Our calm approach and depth of TV wall mounting knowledge will make you feel at ease during and after your appointment. Your TV mount installer will even let you pull down on the TV mount after we mount it to the wall so you feel comfortable letting your kids and pets roam the room. Whether it is a small 32 inch or a large 80 inch TV, your TV wall mount installer will take the same precautions when mounting your TV and hiding the wires. Falling TVs can cause serious injuries or even death.


TV Mounting Quote Generator

Due to our vast experience in the TV mounting industry, we can give you a quote in about 2-3 minutes over the phone. You can even click and get a quick online quote without talking to anyone on the phone here. Most appointments are scheduled the same or very next day, with the exception of Sundays and holidays. Speed in scheduling is a bonus in hiring an experienced professional that specializes in TV mounting near me.

Our expert flat screen TV mounting techs are here to make sure you don’t have to worry about TV mounting fails and problems. Always feel free to contact one of our professionals to schedule an appointment for TV mounting near me.

With TV Mount Charlotte, it is very easy to find a professional TV mounting service near you for home or business in the Charlotte, NC area. Whether you are simply moving inside the Charlotte area or relocating from another city, your professional TV installer is only a call or click away.

Call or text 704-905-2965 10am-9pm anytime or visit or TV mounting FAQ to answer your questions.