TV Mounting FAQ

Three Red FAQ Blocks

Three Red FAQ Blocks

18 Questions Frequently Asked By Customers

We prepared this TV mounting FAQ with answers to some, if not all, of your questions about TV mount installation and wires concealing. We understand that TV mounting may be new to you or you may have a few questions about our TV mounting service in general.

You can take a look at some pictures of our beautiful work to get some ideas about where to mount your own TV or use our quote generator to get a 30-second quote.

Q. Should I hire a professional to mount my TV?

A. Yes. Hiring a professional to mount your TV will save you time and peace of mind. You might save money if you have the right tools to perform the task properly, but a professional TV mount installer will perform the job faster and without damaging your TV or the walls.

Q. How long does it take to install a television mount?

A. Regular drywall = It takes about 15 – 20 minutes to hang a TV mount (30 – 45 minutes with wires concealed)

Brick or stone = It takes about 20 – 30 minutes to hang a TV mount (45 minutes – 1 hour with wires concealed)

Niche or cut-out above fireplace = It takes about 30 – 45 minutes to hang a TV mount without framing (Wire concealing usually not needed)

Outdoors = It takes about 20 – 30 minutes to hang a TV mount, depending on the surface (45 minutes – 1 hour with wires concealed)

Commercial location or business = It takes about 30 – 45 minutes to hang a TV mount, depending on surface, height, and type of TV mount (1 hour – 1-1/2 hour with wires concealed)

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Q. Do you install electrical outlets behind the TV?

A. Yes. Whenever possible. Running extension cords and TV power cords in the wall is a fire hazard.

You can read more about our TV mount wire concealing methods at our wire concealing page.

Q. Do you do commercial TV installations?

A. Yes. We have years of commercial and residential experience. Please visit our page on commercial TV mounting and TV installation.

Q. Do you mount TVs in apartments?

A. Yes. We also have ways to conceal the wires in apartments under your TV mount.

Q. What cities/areas do you cover?

A. We currently provide TV mounting services for Charlotte NC, Matthews NC, Mint Hill NC, Harrisburg NC, Huntersville NC, Belmont NC, Mt. Holly NC, Concord NC, Pineville NC, Stallings NC, Gastonia NC, and Indian Trail NC area.

You can enter your zip code in our TV mounting quote generator to see if you’re in our coverage area.

Q. What brand of wall mounts do you use?
A. We prefer to use our own installer-specific brand of TV mounts to ensure your TV is properly secured to the wall. We only use 100% metal wall mounts for security and stability but will inspect and use your TV mount if you already have one.
Q. What is your $99 TV mounting special?

A. Our $99 TV mounting special includes a free tilting wall mount for a 42” tv or smaller within 10 mile radius of 28269. Wire concealing is extra.

Q. How much does it cost to mount my TV?

A. Our TV mounting services start at $99 and that includes a FREE TILTING WALL MOUNT.

Your overall cost depends on TV size, type of TV mount (tilt, full-motion, etc), wall type (drywall, brick, stone) and wire concealing options (no wire concealing, plastic tracking, or in-wall wiring).

Feel free to use our TV mounting quote generator at any time! You can enter your TV size, type of mount, surface, and wire concealing options.

Q. How do I schedule an appointment?

A. Call Jay at (704) 905-2965

Q. Do I have to have the TV to schedule an appointment?

A. Yes. This is the only way we can properly measure the TV height and assure the TV is exactly where you want it.

Q. Do you do anything else besides mount TVs?

A. We also do home theater installation and can mount mirrors, pictures, gym equipment, and other things when we’re not busy mounting TVs or if we are already on site.

Q. How can I pay for my TV mount installation online? What forms of payment do you accept?
A. You can pay in person or use our no-contact payment link. We accept Cashapp, credit/debit, and cash.
Q. Do you unmount TVs or remove them from the wall?

A. Yes. We unmount TVs and remove the TV mounting bracket from the wall. We charge $75 each and there is a 2 TV minimum.

Q. Can you use my wall mount?

A. Yes. If you have the TV mounting plate for the wall and the mounting brackets for the TV. We will provide the TV mount screws and lag bolts if you don’t have them.

Q. Do you provide the TV mount? Is it free?

A. Yes. We provide a free tilting TV wall mount with every TV mount installation. You can choose a tilt or full-motion TV mount and we will include the mount in your quote.

Q. Can you move my TV to my new location for me?

A. No. We do not transport TVs.

Q. Can you mount my TV on a stone or brick fireplace?

A. Yes. Stone and brick fireplaces are our specialty because of the level of skill that it requires. Visit out page on stone and brick fireplace TV mounting for more information.

Q. What if my fireplace has a cubbyhole or niche above the mantle?

A. We have special TV mounts that do not require expensive framing or unattractive wooden beams to mount your TV  where it covers the fireplace niche or cubbyhole. 

Q. How do I measure my TV?

A. Diagonally from corner to corner.

Q. Do you warranty your installation?

A. Yes. We have a 100% no-fall warranty.