How Much Does TV Mounting Cost In Charlotte NC?

TV mounting cost in Charlotte is usually between $100-$350, depending on if you already have the mount and whether or not you need the wires hidden. If you have your own wall mount and do not need the wires hidden, I would not pay more than $100-199, depending on the size of the TV and the installer’s experience. Costs may vary slightly depending on the size of your TV, the type of mount you need, and the surface it is getting mounted to. Brick and stone fireplace installations require more skill, time and hardware than regular drywall and therefore may cost a little more. Some full-motion TV mounts require 10-15 minutes to assemble before installing so your installer may charge extra for articulating mounts.  Without wire concealing, the installation should not take longer than 30 minutes on drywall, and 45 minutes to an hour on brick or stone so if you find a handyman or contractor that charges by the hour, you can use this to get a rough estimate for the cost.


TV Mounting And Wire Concealing Prices

Wire Concealing For Fireplace TV Mount

Wire Concealing For Fireplace TV Mount

If you want your TV mounted with the wires hidden, it can cost from $200-$500, depending on size, mount, and surface. Concealing the wires requires providing power behind the TV so the installer must know how to install an electrical outlet or powerbridge. Any cables connecting to components must be at least 8 to 10 feet long so they can also be hidden in the wall. Long HDMI cables can be costly and hard to find if purchased locally so if your installer carries these, that is a win-win.

We offer custom TV mounting packages including power outlet installation and AV cables ranging from $199 to $399. We make sure we save you time and money while giving every installation that clean, “no-wires” look even you didn’t think you needed it at first.

You can find out how much it cost to mount your TV and hide the cables in less than 30 seconds by using our quote generator.