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About Us

TV Mount Charlotte is the most experienced and most trusted TV mounting service in Charlotte NC!
We have almost 18 years of experience and local authority in the tv mounting industry. We have provided commercial and residential flat screen tv mounting and wire concealing services in Charlotte NC since 2004.
When we first started, we were the only tv mounting service in Charlotte. We had to work 9am – 6pm Monday through Saturday and schedule appointments out 2-3 weeks to satisfy the high demand. We have seen the Charlotte NC area grow from a struggling real estate crisis during the 2007-2008 recession to one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the US.

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Before TV Mount Charlotte

While Charlotte has changed we have also evolved to better serve our customers. One of the best decisions we made was to commit our time and focus mostly to tv mounting. We were called Infinite Designs Home Theater Pros before TV Mount Charlotte because we specialized in various home theater services as well. As tv mounting became more popular in Charlotte, it was clear we couldn’t keep up with both on a daily basis so we made tv mounting our priority and became experts at it.
My experience and connections as a purchasing manager for large companies gives me the ability to acquire large inventory at a discount rate. We began giving away free tv mounts in Charlotte as customers needed them and one day we just decided to always offer free tv wall mounts as part of our tv mounting service to make the experience smoother for the customer and us.

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TV Mount Charlotte In The Community

Our friendly attitude, motivation and reputation in tv mounting has given us access to a plethora of commercial customers in the local Charlotte area and opportunities to meet plenty of great people.
When we’re not mounting TVs, you can find us doing local SEO work and business development for other small businesses in Charlotte, teaching private martial arts classes, and day-trading stocks and forex.
We are members of the Freemasons, The Ancient Arabic-Egyptian Order Of Shriners, The Order of Eastern Stars, The 5% Nation Of Gods and Earths, and Charlotte Vets, and we support all of our
local Muslim mosques.
We welcome all truth-seekers and light-bearers to the Charlotte area!