US National Whitewater Center

National Whitewater Center

Whitewater Center

Charlotte’s infamous Whitewater Center has an energetic and exhilarating vibe. Established in 2006, this hub fosters outdoor activities for diverse skill sets via comprehensive pass schemes, tutoring, coaching, and a variety of external celebrations, competitions, and events. Explore the vast 1,300-acre expanse near the Catawba River or delve into offsite ventures spanning the nation, encouraging you to frolic, relax, and absorb in nature’s embrace.

How Much Does It Cost?

Visitors incur parking fees, however, all other expenses are for the activities you want to participate in. Walking trails and grounds incurs no cost. Allocate a full day if you’re into exploring. Food and drinks are available, as well as numerous facilities for convenience. Prior to engagement in any pursuit, onsite schooling is obligatory. Welcoming all, the center embraces diverse age groups.


National Whitewater Center Charlotte NC

Whitewater Center