Samsung The Frame TV Mounted On The Wall

Samsuung The Frame TV Mounted On The Wall

Samsung The Frame TV Mount Installation

Due to the increase of Samsung The Frame TV sales, we have been fortunate to install and provide you our personal experience with Samsung Frame TV Mount Installations.

The first Samsung Frame TV installation we did was a 65 inch 4k TV over a prewired fireplace. This TV came with the 4 standard mounting holes in the back so you can choose to use a standard wall mount instead of the Frame TV mount to make installation easier but our customer insisted that we use the Frame TV mount to keep the TV as close to the wall as possible. Samsung also supplied 2 small rubber spacers with the mounting kit to space the bottom of the TV away from the wall.

Our customer wanted the TV completely flat on the wall just like he had seen in several Samsung The Frame TV installation videos on You Tube. The problem with this was the One Connect box, the length of the One Connect cable, and the lack of a recessed AC outlet. Since the fireplace was pre-wired and the One Connect cable was not long enough, the One Connect box had to go behind the TV to connect to the cable box to the pre-wired HDMI port. The pre-wired HDMI port along with the AC outlet made the TV have to sit about an inch or two from the wall. We used the 2 spacers to balance and level the TV.

Recently, we have installed quite a few Samsung Frame TVs, this one above a brick fireplace. This 55-inch Samsung Frame TV came without the 4 standard mounting holes in the back and we had to use the TV wall mount that came with The Frame tv.

Samsung The Frame TV Wall Mount

Samsung The Frame TV Mount

The Frame TV wall mount easily attaches to the back of the tv with the small screws supplied in the kit. The wall mounting bracket simply attaches to the tv by sliding onto a rod then snaps into place. The issue I noticed is there is no room to slide the tv left or right after putting the tv onto the 2 brackets so the measurements have to be perfect. The wall mounting bracket comes with several holes to attach to the studs or mounting surface but as a professional installer, I can see the inexperienced installer or do-it-yourselfer having problems centering the tv perfectly on the wall, particularly a stone or brick fireplace where the lines may not be even. If the bracket holes don’t line up perfectly to catch two studs, (which most times they won’t), an inexperienced installer may be forced to mount the tv off center for stability and compromising TV location is the last thing you want after expecting a perfect installation for the perfect TV. We used a tape measure and a lot of patience to make sure this Samsung Frame TV was perfectly centered.

Samsung The Frame TV Mounting Before

Samsung The Frame TV Mount Installation Before


Samsung The Frame TV Mounting After

Samsung The Frame TV Mount Installation After

Update: Last year, we dedicated ourselves to mastering this task and after mounting over 25 Frame TVs, we have become your go-to for Samsung Frame TV mounting. The only way to have the Samsung TV sit completely flat on the wall with its supplied wall mount is to run the One Connect cable inside the wall or install the One Connect box inside the wall. I don’t suggest doing this because the One Connect box contains all of your expensive components and needs proper ventilation. The Samsung frame TV sits flush to the wall and does not allow proper ventilation for components to be installed behind it.

The newer model Samsung Frame TVs do not require power. Since the One Connect cable is so thin and expensive, running it in the wall should be avoided or done with extreme care. This is another reason I suggest having your Samsung Frame TV installation performed by a professional tv installer. It’s worth the extra money to avoid damage to the TV cables, and your wall and to ensure that it is installed securely and exactly where you want it for years of enjoyment.

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