TV Mount Installations We Offer

  • Standard fireplace
  • Custom fireplace with niche, cutout, TV box above mantle
  • Basic wall
  • Corner
  • Outdoor
  • Ceiling
  • Bathroom
  • TV mount with components concealed in closet/cabinet

Wall Mounts We Install and Stock

  • Ultra slim
  • Flat
  • Tilt
  • Full Motion
  • Ceiling

We Can Mount Your TV Anywhere

  • Drywall with studs
  • No studs
  • Metal studs
  • Concrete / brick / stone
  • Metal
  • Wood

Why choose us?

By choosing a professional installation, you eliminate the need to run around town wasting your gas and time looking for TV wall mounts and accessories that you hope will properly fit your flat screen TV and home theater components.

Even if you find a model that will fit your television, you can expect to pay $50-$150 for a decent tilting wall mount and between $75-$300 for a full motion wall mount if you want your TV to pull out and swivel left to right. Your other option is to order a TV mount from an online store and wait for days, hoping that the mount will be the right fit for your TV.

We have made it simple, mistake-free and very affordable for you…

We offer a free tilting TV wall mount and a 15-foot HDMI cable with every flat screen TV and monitor installation.

Our professional TV mounting services start at only $89 with the wall mount included.

All of our TV wall mounts are made from 100% unbreakable heavy-duty steel. We have been professionally wall mounting televisions in Charlotte and the surrounding area for years and have seen many types of wall mounts customers use to install their expensive TVs.

We do not use any TV mounts with plastic parts because plastic can bend and warp. This causes the TV installation to look crooked, subpar and below our high level of standards. We strongly suggest using our TV wall mounts during installations when we encounter inferior and cheaply made TV wall mounts.

What size and types of TVs do we wall mount?

19-inch to 80-inch flat screen TVs are best for wall mounting.

Anytime a customer is considering purchasing a TV larger than 70 inches, we strongly suggest purchasing a high-definition projector. This not only cuts space needed for installation, but with our prices you can cut costs as well! We also install high-definition projector and screen systems capable of producing stunning high-definition 1080p home theater pictures from 70 inches to 300 inches!

New to Charlotte or moving across town? Let us help making your relocation easier.

Whether you are moving within Charlotte or are new to the area, we will be glad to assist you with your move-in services. We can schedule an appointment to unmount your TVs at your old place and deliver them to the new place. Or you can have the TVs delivered for us. We will be happy to use your wall mounting bracket and cables or ours if you need new ones.

We will schedule a convenient appointment to match your schedule and be in and out–usually within an hour.

Are you buying a new TV from a local store?

Sometimes the delivery can take forever. We can pick up your new TV from the store and deliver it your home the same day of your installation for you.

We even offer discounts for multiple TV installations.

Own a small business or office and need professional TV mounting and flat screen installation services?

Check out our commercial TV installation services!

Let us help you optimize your TV viewing setup!


We have our professional opinion of the proper height for your TV and viewing, but will mount the TV at whatever height you request. The main thing to consider is your health.

TVs mounted too high will cause you to lift your eye muscles to view the top of the screen. This can cause migraine headaches and a lack of desire to watch TV. We strongly suggest keeping the TV as low as possible—especially when mounting your TV over or above the fireplace.

Viewing distance and furniture height can also be factors to consider when determining proper TV height. Tilting TV mounts ease the pain of mounting the TV higher than normal by giving you the ability to tilt the TV picture down at an angle. Tilt mounts can also reduce unsightly glare from windows and doors.

You should also consider the placement of your home theater speakers. From furniture placement to the number of speakers, there are endless factors that can cause your system to perform poorly. Let us help you optimize the placement of your speakers and hear your home audio like you are sitting in the front row of the movies! Don’t have a sound system? Ask us about affordable options to add a little rumble to your next movie night or party!

What to expect from our technicians during your professional TV wall mount installation…

Installation procedures

  • Courtesy call or text with estimated arrival time
  • Unpack (if necessary)
  • Secure TV in safe location
  • Measure TV and consult with customer for height
  • Connect brackets to rear of TV
  • Attach mounting bracket to wall
  • Install power bridge and low-voltage cables
  • Conceal all holes with wall plates
  • Take “before” picture
  • Hang TV onto mounting bracket
  • Connect components (cable box, DVD player, streaming devices, audio)
  • Power up TV and ensure proper operation with components and audio
  • Clean up area
  • Take “after” picture

Accessories we carry

  • Power bridges
  • Surge protectors
  • Wiremold plastic wire concealment
  • Shelving
  • Wall plates
  • Ethernet cables
  • HDMI cables
  • Optical audio cables
  • Component cables
  • Audio cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • HDMI splitters
  • IR repeater kits
  • Soundbar mounts
  • Complete home theater systems



Infinite Designs

Professional Home Theater Installation

Licensed, Bonded & Insured


Prices only $89 and up!



10 Reasons to Have Your TV Professionally Wall Mounted by Us

1. Wall mounting your TV lengthens its life. How? Wall mounted TVs require you to use the remote. No more pressing the buttons on the TV causing possible damage or, worse still, tipping it over from rocking back and forth.

2. Safety for small kids, pets and the TV. TVs kill and injure kids and pets when placed on dressers and stands. Kids are intrigued by colors and sounds and will attempt to climb furniture to interact with the TV when unattended. A few rocks back and forth and your TV will be headed to the floor.

3. More space in your home. Especially if you’re concealing components in a closet or cabinet.

4. Better viewing angle opposed to watching the TV sitting on a stand.

5. Wall mounted television sets are more theft proof due to bolts and mounting brackets. Table-top installed TVs are easily lifted and stolen.

6. We have been doing this for years. We carry all the necessary tools to complete most installations in less than an hour. The cost of the tools, TV wall mounts and your hours of labor are more than compensated for with our affordable pricing. Plus, you have the peace of mind knowing that your kids can sit right underneath the TV and eat a bowl of cereal on the floor if they like.

7. Apart from safety, experience is the number one reason. We have installed more than 10,000 televisions and monitors since we began in that old beat up red Safari minivan years ago. With your trust and loyalty, we have become Charlotte’s top choice in professional TV wall mounting and home theater installation.

8. Attention to detail and warranty. Our technicians ensure that each installation supports a minimum of twice the weight of your TV or we will not hang it. Every installation comes with a LIFETIME “NO FALL WARRANTY”. We guarantee our installation for a lifetime as long as the same TV remains on the same mount and you keep your receipt.

9. Safety. Most amateur TV installers will mount the TV too high and may install wiring that will void your home’s warranty, cause it to fail safety inspections and possibly even catch on fire.

10. Fishing your TV’s factory power cord in the wall is illegal and a fire hazard. We install a power bridge behind every TV wall mount installation to ensure it is up to electrical code. We hide the audio/video cables in the wall when possible to ensure your TV installation is not only functional but pleasing to the eye and a compliment to your beautiful home.